3084th Aviation Depot Group
           Stony Brook Air Force Station

A History of a Cold War Mission

This site is dedicated to all those who served in the
3084th Aviation Depot Group at Stony Brook Air Force Station in Chicopee Falls, MA.  "Site Item", the code name assigned to Stony Brook, served along with the other Operational Storage Sites of the United States Air Force during the Cold War period of the 1950s and 1960s.  Stony Brook was a storage and maintenance site for nuclear weapons, and was assigned to the Air Materiel Command until 1962, in support of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Westover Air Force Base.


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Histories 1954
Histories 1955
Histories 1956-59
Histories 1960-62
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Building Layout
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Plant 1 (A)
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MK15 & MK21
Storage Igloos
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Nuclear Weapons


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  Westover AFB
History of a Cold War Mission (Under Construction)

Veterans, Rosters and Acknowledgements

Special Addition -
3080th Aviation Depot Group, Caribou Air Force Station, 1956

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This site is dedicated to the following fallen comrades of the 3084th Aviation Depot Group.
Beaumont, Charles
Blaylock, Freeman (Hugh) 
Cooper, John
Degutis, Ken
Edwards, Garld  
Foster, Leslie   
Grandy, Richard 
Green, Roy
Krushinsky, Bernie
Lagyak, John
Landis, Albert      
Madden, Loyal      
McFatridge, Ardon
Peters, Harvey P.
Wilhite, Ralph

27 May 2015

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